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Fantastic Fam's Kumo Kuma is a fictional character born in the USA in 2012 , created by Tommy Xavier Nguyen in California's Bay Area.
Its name was given later in 2016 after it was on the market for several years under the Parent Company Fantastic Fam, Inc.
Kumo Kuma made its popularity also under different character names such as Rice Ninja Baby, Bubble Tea Baby and more.

What does Kumo Kuma mean?
Kumo Kuma is made up of two separate Japanese words, Kumo for "cloud" and Kuma for "bear"
What kind of bear is Kumo Kuma?
Is it a panda? A polar bear? A koala? Yes , no , maybe so! It is more of a mystery, and it can be whatever you want it to be! You decide!
Kumo Kuma is a bear of imagination.
Kumo Kuma was crafted from legendary white clouds from heaven, (the kinds that surround the gates to the heavenly gods) and people's imagination from earth ,  it is seen in many forms and characters and it symbolizes one's inner imagination
Imagination makes Kumo Kuma come alive.
Heavenly Connection
As Kumo Kuma is a character of heaven and earth, sometimes you might also discover its mystical peers come down to earth for a visit!
Kumo Kuma is your everyday bear
Kumo Kuma is a big time foodie! Another passion Kumo Kuma has is to travel the world and discover new places and make new friends. Kumo Kuma is also very tech savvy and always up to date with the latest technology, you might see Kumo Kuma taking  selfies too!  .. Most importantly Kumo Kuma likes to have fun and make people laugh
Who is the Designer and Why did he create Kumo Kuma?
Tommy Xavier Nguyen, a son of Vietnamese immigrants, was born and raised in Germany and immigrated to the US (Bay Area, CA) in the year 2005 at 19 years of age. Tommy has always been a very creative and entrepreneurial person all his life.  He was fortunate to travel around the globe at a young age experiencing many cultures, and making many friends,
which inspired him to create a company with designs that tell a story of family, friends, fun, love , peace, unity and respect for one another.
He creates relatable characters in which he wishes to connect people in fun ways.
Story behind creation of the character.
Tommy's initial idea for the character came to his mind when he looked up at the sky and saw the shape of a bear in the clouds.
He used his creativity , imagination and artistic skills to draw many versions of the character that many people know and love today.
The Bear character was originally launched on a set of 3 designs (characters)  and sold at a convention in San Francisco. Tommy experienced groups of friends coming by buying all 3 designs for each person in their group while having a fun time.
They found that the characters represented themselves.
An idea was born to create a company for family and friends, called Fantastic Fam, Inc.
Kumo Kuma has been the face of the Company ever since 2012.
It's popularity started early as Tommy's initial Investment of $200 grosses 6 figures in the first year of being in business.
What are the Designers inspiration?
His inspiration are everyday people, family and friends!
Most designs describe everyday situations in the most fun ways, like Kumo Kuma (Bubble Tea Baby) sitting in the Boba Shop and singing a song or hanging out with friends.
Why are there so many characters?
Kumo Kuma has friends and family all over the world. Every year you will be able to discover new family members & friends , most of them, like we all do, have different interests and likings.
From me to you! This is the people's brand
This is not all about me, but all about you!
I dedicate this Brand to you, your family and friends to hopefully bring across a message of unity, fun, friendship, love and acceptance for one another.
Thank you for giving me the privilege to share my message through my designs to you , your loved ones and the world!
Yours truly,
- Tommy X. Nguyen
Fantastic Fam's Core Concept
Connecting & Bringing People together, since 2012